Condensed Matter Theory - Past Journal Clubs

Past Condensed Matter Theory Journal Clubs

2016 April 19 Marcel Serina Topological mirror insulators in one dimension

2016 April 12 Tibor Sekera Fingerprint of topological Andreev bound states in phase-dependent heat transport

2016 April 5 Constantin Schrade Approaching a topological phase transition in Majorana nanowires

2016 March 29 Christoph Orth In-plane Topological p-n Junction in the Three-Dimensional Topological Insulator Bi2−xSbxTe3−ySey

2016 March 22 Niels Loerch Proposal to Test Bell's Inequality in Electromechanics

2016 March 15 Kouki Nakata Magnon Dirac Materials

2016 March 8 Simon Nigg Demonstrating Quantum Error Correction that Extends the Lifetime of Quantum Information

2016 March 1 Axel Lode Pi-flux Dirac bosons and Bogoliubov edge states of Bose-Einstein condensed atoms

2016 February 23 Christina Psaroudaki Edge instabilities and skyrmion creation in magnetic layers

2016 February 9 Christoph Kloeffel Anisotropy of electron and hole g tensors of quantum dots: An intuitive picture based on spin-correlated orbital currents

2016 February 2 Silas Hoffman Readout of Majorana parity states using a quantum dot

2016 January 25 Ehud Amitai Quantum superposition, entanglement, and state teleportation of a microorganism on an electromechanical oscillator

2016 January 19 Mohammad Alidoust Shiba chains of scalar impurities on unconventional superconductors

2016 January 12 Alexander Zyuzin Quantum Tunneling of the Magnetic Moment in the S/F/S Josephson phi_0- Junction

2016 January 5 James Wootton A proposal for self-correcting stabilizer quantum memories in 3 dimensions (or slightly less)

2016 December 22 Simon Nigg A quantum annealing architecture with all-to-all connectivity from local interactions

2015 December 15 Rakesh Tiwari Type-II Weyl semimetals

2015 December 8 Pawel Szumniak Topological Edge States with Zero Hall Conductivity in a Dimerized Hofstadter Model

2015 November 24 Tibor Sekera Specific heat and effects of pairing fluctuations in the BCS-BEC crossover regime of an ultracold Fermi gas

2015 November 17 Constantin Schrade Physical Implementation of a Majorana Fermion Surface Code for Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computation

2015 November 10 Christina Psaroudaki Emergent Supersymmetry from Strongly Interacting Majorana Zero Modes

2015 November 03 Axel Lode Causality and quantum criticality with long-range interactions

2015 October 20 Kouki Nakata Generalized Bloch theorem and chiral transport phenomena

2015 October 06 Marcel Serina Exchange-interaction of two spin qubits mediated by a superconductor

2015 September 29 Viktoriia Kornich Exchange and collective behavior of magnetic impurities in a disordered helical metal

2015 September 22 Ehud Amitai Noise-induced transitions in optomechanical synchronization

2015 September 14 Adrian Hutter Experimental loophole-free violation of a Bell inequality using entangled electron spins separated by 1.3 km

2015 September 08 Silas Hoffman Current Correlations in a Majorana Beam Splitter

2015 September 01 Christoph Kloeffel Reduced sensitivity to charge noise in semiconductor spin qubits via symmetric operation

2015 August 25 Mohammad Alidoust Does the bulk disorder in the superconductor affect proximity-induced topological superconductivity?

2015 August 18 Christoph Orth Percolating states in the topological Anderson insulator

2015 August 04 Alexander Zyuzin Helicons in Weyl semimetals

2015 July 28 Constantin Schrade Majorana Fermi Sea in Insulating SmB6

2015 July 21 Luka Trifunovic Fractional topological phases in three-dimensional coupled-wire systems

2015 July 14 Rakesh Tiwari Universal decoherence due to gravitational time dilation

2015 July 07 Tibor Sekera Observation of phononic helical edge states in a mechanical topological insulator

2015 June 30 Marcel Serina Tunable Spin-Qubit Coupling Mediated by a Multielectron Quantum Dot

2015 June 23 Pawel Szumniak Topological Superconductivity and High Chern Numbers in 2D Ferromagnetic Shiba Lattices

2015 June 16 James Wootton Classical Simulation of Quantum Error Correction in a Fibonacci Anyon Code

2015 June 09 Simon Nigg Detecting Photon-Photon Interactions in a Superconducting Circuit

2015 June 02 Kouki Nakata Thermal vector potential theory of transport induced by temperature gradient

2015 May 26 Axel Lode Rotation of quantum impurities in the presence of a many-body environment

2015 May 19 Viktoriia Kornich Interaction-induced backscattering in short quantum wires

2015 May 12 Christoph Kloeffel Open quantum system description of singlet-triplet qubits in quantum dots

2015 May 05 Adrian Hutter Demonstration of a quantum error detection code using a square lattice of four superconducting qubits

2015 April 28 Silas Hoffman Impurity Bound States and Greens Function Zeroes as Local Signatures of Topology

2015 April 21 Mohammad Alidoust Axial current driven by magnetization dynamics in Dirac semimetals

2015 April 14 Ehud Amitai Spin Correlations as a Probe of Quantum Synchronization in Trapped Ion Phonon-Lasers

2015 March 24 Alexander Zyuzin Observation of the Adler-Bell-Jackiw chiral anomaly in a Weyl semimetal

2015 March 17 James Wootton Undecidability of the Spectral Gap

2015 March 10 Luka Trifunovic Interacting two-level defects as sources of fluctuating high-frequency noise in superconducting circuits

2015 March 03 Rakesh Tiwari Chirality density wave of the “hidden order” phase in URu2Si2

2015 February 17 Pawel Szumniak Majorana Fermion Rides on a Magnetic Domain Wall

2015 February 10 Marcel Serina Universal spin-triplet superconducting correlations of Majorana fermions

2015 February 03 Tibor Sekera Spin-Orbit Coupling and the Optical Spin Hall Effect in Photonic Graphene

2015 January 27 Constantin Schrade Braiding Statistics of Loop Excitations in Three Dimensions

2015 January 13 Simon Nigg Twin paradox with macroscopic clocks in superconducting circuits

2015 January 06 Kouki Nakata Interfacial Spin and Heat Transfer between Metals and Magnetic Insulators

2014 December 16 Axel Lode Tunneling dynamics of bosonic Josephson junctions assisted by a cavity field

2014 December 09 Silas Hoffman Strong localization of Majorana end states in chains of magnetic adatoms

2014 December 02 Christoph Kloeffel Magnetization of the Metallic Surface States in Topological Insulators

2014 November 25 Viktoriia Kornich Discovery of a Three-Dimensional Topological Dirac Semimetal, Na_3Bi

2014 November 18 Franziska Maier Signatures of Majorana Zero Modes in Spin-Resolved Current Correlations

2014 November 11 Adrian Hutter A silicon-based surface code quantum computer

2014 November 04 Samuel Aldana Optomechanical Dirac Physics

2014 October 28 Thomas Schmidt Absence of quantum time crystals in ground states

2014 October 21 Alexander Zyuzin Tuning topological superconductivity in helical Shiba chains by supercurrent

2014 October 14 James Wootton Unpaired Majorana modes on dislocations and string defects in Kitaev's honeycomb model

2014 October 07 Stefan Walter Confined quantum Zeno dynamics of a watched atomic arrow

2014 September 30 Stefan Walter Confined quantum Zeno dynamics of a watched atomic arrow

2014 September 23 Luka Trifunovic Nonclassical Paths in Quantum Interference Experiments

2014 September 16 Constantin Schrade Weak symmetry breaking in two-dimensional topological insulators

2014 September 09 Pawel Szumniak Majorana fermions in a ferromagnetic wire on the spin-surface of a bulk spin-orbit coupled s-wave superconductor

2014 September 02 Rakesh Tiwari Supersymmetry in the Majorana Cooper-Pair Box

2014 August 26 Arijit Saha Non-Local Transport Mediated by Spin-­Supercurrents

2014 August 14 Silas Hoffman Edge-mode superconductivity in a two dimensional topological insulator

2014 August 05 Andreas Nunnenkamp Ignorance Is Bliss: General and Robust Cancellation of Decoherence via No-Knowledge Quantum Feedback

2014 July 29 Simon Nigg Birds on Power lines

2014 July 22 Kouki Nakata Bose-Einstein condensation in an ultra-hot gas of pumped magnons

2014 July 08 Tobias Meng Phase separation in doped Mott insulators

2014 July 01 Viktoriia Kornich Backscattering between helical edge states via dynamic nuclear polarization

2014 June 17 Adrian Hutter Cellular-automaton decoders for topological quantum memories

2014 June 03 Thomas Schmidt One-dimensional fermions with neither Luttinger-liquid

2014 May 27 Tobias Meng Local Adiabatic Mixing of Kramers Pairs of Majorana Bound States

2014 May 20 Alexander Zyuzin Equilibrium currents in chiral systems with non‐zero Chern number

2014 May 13 Axel Lode Synthetic Gauge Fields in Synthetic Dimensions

2014 May 06 James Wootton Violation of the Arrhenius law below the transition temperature

2014 April 29 Stefan Walter Coherently Opening a High-Q Cavity

2014 April 22 Constantin Schrade Fibonacci Anyons From Abelian Bilayer QH States

2014 April 15 Luka Trifunovic Subnanometre resolution in three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging of individual dark spins

2014 April 08 Rakesh Tiwari Time-Reversal-Invariant Z_4 Fractional Josephson Effect

2014 March 25 Gregory Strübi Mapping the optimal route between two quantum states

2014 March 18 Silas Hoffman Revealing topological superconductivity in extended quantum spin Hall Josephson junctions

2014 March 04 Arijit Saha Topologically protected spin and valley currents via mass inversion in Dirac materials

2014 February 18 Diego Rainis 1D-1D Coulomb DragSignature of a Luttinger Liquid

2014 February 11 Hugo Ribeiro Pump-probe scheme for electron-photon dynamics in hybrid conductor-cavity systems

2014 February 04 Fabio Pedrocchi Designing a Spin-Seebeck Diode

2014 January 28 Christoph Orth Experimental Proposal to Detect Topological Ground State Degeneracy

2014 January 21 Andreas Nunnenkamp Single-Polariton Optomechanics

2014 January 14 Simon Nigg Superabsorption of light via quantum engineering

2013 December 17 Franziska Maier Direct measurement of the Zak phase in topological Bloch bands

2013 December 10 Viktoriia Kornich Long-Distance coherent coupling in a quantum dot array

2013 December 3 Kevin van Hoogdalem Mechanical Spin Control of Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond

2013 November 19 Christoph Kloeffel Ultra long spin decoherence times in graphene quantum dots with a small number of nuclear spins

2013 November 12 Adrian Hutter An area law for entanglement from exponential decay of correlations

2013 November 5 Stefan Walter Measuring topological invariants in photonic systems

2013 October 29 Samuel Aldana Reversible and effcient conversion between microwave and optical light

2013 October 22 Alexander Zyuzin Time-Reversal Invariant Topological Superconductivity Induced by Repulsive Interactions in Quantum Wires

2013 October 15 Robert Zielke Working with Mathematica - A PhD student's experience

2013 October 8 James Wootton When does a physical system compute?

2013 September 24 Rakesh Tiwari Mapping the topological phase diagram of multiband semiconductors with supercurrents

2013 September 17 Andreas Nunnenkamp Nonequilibrium Model of Photon Condensation

2013 September 10 Tobias Meng Majorana Fermion induced selective equal spin Andreev reflections

2013 September 3 Thomas Schmidt Quantum phases of 1D Hubbard models with three- and four-body couplings

2013 August 27 Arijit Saha Superconducting Proximity Effect in Silicene: Spin-Valley Polarized Andreev Reflection, Non-Local Transport, and Supercurrent

2013 August 20 Hugo Ribeiro Steady-State Entanglement in the Nuclear Spin Dynamics of a Double Quantum Dot

2013 August 13 Fabio Pedrocchi Adiabatic Quantum Motors

2013 July 30 Christoph Orth Transport via double constrictions in integer and fractional topological insulators

2013 July 23 Gregory Strübi Full counting statistics of Andreev tunneling

2013 July 9 Franziska Maier Stabilization of the Quantum Spin Hall Effect by Designed Removal of Time-Reversal Symmetry of Edge States

2013 July 2 Viktoriia Kornich Dynamic nuclear polarization in InGaAs/GaAs and GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots under non-resonant ultra-low power optical excitation

2013 June 25 Jelena Klinovaja Two-dimensional p-wave superconducting states with magnetic moments on a conventional s-wave superconductor

2013 June 18 Christoph Klöffel Coherence and Screening in Multi-Electron Spin Qubits

2013 June 11 Kevin van Hoogdalem Spin backflow and ac Voltage Generation by Spin Pumping and the Inverse Spin Hall Effect

2013 June 4 Adrian Hutter Surface Code Threshold in the Presence of Correlated Errors

2013 May 28 Daniel Becker Quantum annealing with more than one hundred qubits

2013 May 14 Samuel Aldana Macroscopic Quantum Mechanics in a Classical Spacetime

2013 May 7 Gregory Strübi Antiferromagnetic states and phase separation in doped AA-stacked graphene bilayers

2013 April 30 Stefan Walter Measures of quantum synchronization in continuous variable systems

2013 April 23 Alexander Zyuzin Photonic Floquet topological insulators

2013 April 16 Robert Zielke Sequential quantum-enhanced measurement with an atomic ensemble

2013 April 9 James Wootton Topological Entanglement Entropy with a Twist

2013 March 26 Luka Trifunovic Coupling spin qubits via superconductors

2013 March 19 Rakesh Tiwari Super-magnetoresistance effect in triplet spin valves

2013 February 26 Thomas Schmidt Generating and controlling spin-polarized currents induced by a quantum spin Hall antidot

2013 February 12 Vladimir Stojanovic Microscopic Model of Quasiparticle Wave Packets in Superfluids, Superconductors, and Paired Hall States

2013 February 5 Fabio Pedrocchi Quantum Time Crystals

2013 January 29 Arijit Saha Majorana Fermion Induced Non-local Current Correlations in Spin-orbit Coupled Superconducting Wires

2013 January 22 Diego Rainis Absence of zero-energy surface bound states in CuxBi2Se3 via a study of Andreev reflection spectroscopy

2013 January 8 Christoph Orth Non-Fermi-liquid d-wave metal phase of strongly interacting electrons

2012 December 18 Tobias Meng Imaging currents in HgTe quantum wells in the quantum spin Hall regime

2012 December 11 Franziska Maier Dynamical Self-Quenching of Spin Pumping into Double Quantum Dots

2012 December 4 Andreas Nunnenkamp Magnetoelectric Effects in Superconducting Nanowires with Rashba Spin­‐Orbit Coupling

2012 November 27 Kevin van Hoogdalem Inertia and Chiral Edge Modes of a Skyrmion Magnetic Bubble

2012 November 20 Christoph Klöffel Summer Schools in "Rock Guitar" and Physics: Differences and Similarities

2012 November 13 Jelena Klinovaja The soft superconducting gap in semiconductor Majorana nanowires

2012 November 6 Adrian Hutter Surface code with decoherence: An analysis of three superconducting architectures

2012 Oktober 23 Gerson Ferreira Collectively Enhanced Interactions in Solid-state Spin Qubits

2012 Oktober 16 Daniel Becker Topological Kondo Effect with Majorana Fermions

2012 Oktober 9 Samuel Aldana Observation of Radiation Pressure Shot Noise

2012 Oktober 2 Andreas Wagner Phase diagram of spin 1 antiferromagnetic bose-einstein condensates

2012 September 25 Robert Zielke Y-junction splitting spin states of a moving quantum d

2012 September 18 Luka Trifunovic Suppression of 2π phase-slip due to hidden zero modes in one dimensional topological superconductors

2012 September 11 Diego Rainis Disentangling Majorana fermions from conventional zero energy states in semiconductor quantum wires

2012 September 4 James Wootton 3-D quantum stabilizer codes with a power law energy barrier

2012 August 28 Rakesh Tiwari Odd-frequency superconducting pairing in topological insulators

2012 August 21 Gregory Strübi Weak Measurements with Orbital-Angular-Momentum Pointer States

2012 August 14 Franziska Maier Electron Spin Relaxation in a Moving Quantum Dot

2012 August 07 Vladimir M. Stojanovic Adiabatic State Preparation of Interacting Two-Level Systems

2012 July 31 Thomas Schmidt Helical edge states coupled to a spin bath: Current-induced magnetization

2012 July 17 Fabio Pedrocchi Zero-Voltage conductance peak from weak antilocalization in a Majorana nanowire

2012 July 10 Christoph Orth Luttinger liquid physics from infinite-system DMRG

2012 July 3 Andreas Wagner Re-entrance and entanglement in the one-dimensional bose-hubbard model

2012 June 26 Peter Stano Spin-Orbit Echo

2012 June 19 Christoph Klöffel Entropy-based Tuning of Musical Instruments

Room-Temperature Quantum Bit Memory Exceeding One Second

2012 June 12 Jelena Klinovaja To close or not to close: the fate of the superconducting gap across the topological quantum phase transition in Majorana-carrying semiconductor nanowires

Class D spectral peak in Majorana quantum wires

Enhanced zero-bias Majorana peak in disordered multi-subband quantum wires

Zero-bias peaks in spin-orbit coupled superconducting wires with and without Majorana end-states

2012 June 5 Adrian Hutter Energy Landscape of 3D Spin Hamiltonians with Topological Order

2012 May 29 Kevin van Hoogdalem Information Transfer by Vector Spin Chirality in Finite Magnetic Chains

2012 May 22 Daniel Becker All-electric qubit control in heavy hole quantum dots via non-Abelian geometric phases

2012 May 15 Gerson Ferreira Resonant modes in strain-induced graphene superlattices

2012 May 8 Samuel Aldana Parametric four-wave mixing toolbox for superconducting resonators

2012 Apr 17 Robert Zielke Cooling by Heating: Very Hot Thermal Light Can Significantly Cool Quantum Systems

2012 Apr 10 Andreas Nunnenkamp Majorana Bound States of Light in a One-Dimensional Array of Nonlinear Cavities

2012 Apr 03 Luka Trifunovic Ettingshausen effect due to Majorana modes

2012 Mar 13 Diego Rainis Topological Superconductivity in CuxBi2Se3

2012 Mar 06 Vladimir M. Stojanovic Unbounded growth of entanglement in models of many-body localization

2012 Feb 21 Franziska Maier Specular Andreev Reflection in the Interface of a Two-Dimensional Semiconductor with Rashba Spin-Orbit Coupling and a d-Wave Superconductor

2012 Feb 14 Andreas Wagner Fermionic transport and out-of-equilibrium dynamics in a homogeneous Hubbard model with ultracold atoms

2012 Feb 7 Fabio Pedrocchi Irreversibility on the Level of Single-Electron Tunneling

2012 Jan 31 Jelena Klinovaja Relaxation and readout visibility of a singlet-triplet qubit in an Overhauser field gradient

2012 Jan 24 Christoph Klöffel Coherent control of three-spin states in a triple quantum dot

2012 Jan 17 Kevin van Hoogdalem Ramsey Numbers and Adiabatic Quantum Computing

2012 Jan 10 Robert Zielke Quantum Magnetomechanics with Levitating Superconducting Microspheres

2011 Dec 20 Daniel Becker Completeness of quantum theory implies that wave functions are physical properties

2011 Dec 13 Samuel Aldana Strong coupling of spin qubits to a transmission line resonator

2011 Nov 29 James Wootton Surface code quantum computing by lattice surgery

2011 Nov 22 Andreas Nunnenkamp Light-cone-like spreading of correlations in a quantum many-body system

2011 Nov 15 Gregory Strübi Majorana fermions in superconducting nanowires without spin-orbit coupling

2011 Nov 8 Luka Trifunovic Quantum phase slips in superconducting wires with weak links

2011 Nov 1 Dimitrije Stepanenko Gate-Dependent Orbital Magnetic Moments in Carbon Nanotubes

2011 Oct 25 Kevin van Hoogdalem Energy Partitioning of Tunneling Currents into Luttinger Liquids

2011 Oct 18 Vladimir M. Stojanovic Enhanced transport when Anderson localization is destroyed

2011 Oct 11 Franziska Maier Cooling and heating with electron spins: Observation of the spin Peltier effect

2011 Oct 4 Fabio Pedrocchi Two-Qubit Gate of Combined Single-Spin Rotation and Interdot Spin Exchange in a Doule Quantum dot

2011 Sep 27 Christoph Klöffel Full electrical control of the electron spin relaxation in GaAs quantum wells

2011 Sep 20 Jelena Klinovaja Controlling non-Abelian statistics of Majorana fermions in semiconductor nanowires

2011 Sep 13 Samuel Aldana Mechanically probing coherent tunnelling in a double quantum dot

2011 Sep 6 Diego Rainis Number Fluctuations of Sparse Quasiparticles in a Superconductor

2011 Aug 30 Suhas Gangadharaiah Magneto-Optical Faraday and Kerr Effects in Topological Insulator Films and in Other Layered Quantized Hall Systems

2011 Aug 23 Robert Zielke The Hierarchical Nature of the Quantum Hall Effects

2011 Aug 16 Andreas Wagner Quantum Phase Transitions and Heat Capacity in a two-atoms Bose-Hubbard Model

2011 Aug 9 Robert Andrzej Żak Quantum read-out and fast initialization of nuclear spin qubits with electric currents

2011 Aug 2 Luka Trifunovic Emergence of Dirac Electron Pair in Charge Ordered State of Organic Conductor α-(BEDT-TTF)2I3