Welcome to the homepage of the Condensed Matter Theory and Quantum Computing Group of the University of Basel

Our group resides in the Department of Physics, Klingelbergstrasse 82, 4056 Basel, Switzerland. See the visitors information page for a detailed description on our location and how to get here. For more information on the department, the university, and the city of Basel, please visit the links section.

Our main research interest is within the field of quantum condensed matter theory, including topological properties of condensed matter systems, topological superconductivity, mesoscopics, spin qubits, decoherence, quantum dots, nanowires, spintronics, spin-related phenomena in semiconducting materials, quantum magnonics, quantum many-body physics in and out of equilibrium, transport in nanostructures, quantum information science and quantum computing, etc.


Prof. Dr. Daniel Loss
Prof. Dr. Jelena Klinovaja
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Research Associates

Dr. Stefano Bosco
Dr. Renato Dantas
Dr. Pierre Fromholz
Dr. Tomoki Hirosawa
Dr. Zhe Hou
Dr. Joel Hutchinson
Dr. Valerii Kozin
Dr. Henry Legg
Dr. Dmitry Miserev
Dr. Alexander Mook
Dr. Flavio Ronetti
Dr. Aleksandr Svetogorov
Dr. Even Thingstad
Dr. Xianpeng Zhang

List of past visitors

Graduate Students

Christoph Adelsberger
Tamás Haidekker Galambos
Richard Gerhard Heß
Bence Hetényi
Katharina Laubscher
Melina Lüthi
Maria Spethmann
Yuhao Zhao

Former Members

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