Welcome to the homepage of the Quantum Condensed Matter Theory and Quantum Computing Groups of the University of Basel

Our groups reside in the Department of Physics, Klingelbergstrasse 82, 4056 Basel, Switzerland. See the visitors information page for a detailed description on our location and how to get here. For more information on the department, the university, and the city of Basel, please visit here.

Our research is within the field of quantum theory of condensed matter systems and quantum information science in the broadest sense (see publications). This includes the study of topological quantum matter, hybrid super-semiconducting systems with exotic quantum states (Majoranas, parafermions, etc.), Luttinger liquids and coupled-wire constructions, strongly interacting electron systems beyond Fermi liquid, topological magnonics and skyrmionics, fractional charge and fractional spin phases, light-matter interaction, (non-linear) transport in nanostructures, atoms on surfaces and Shiba states, spin qubits in semiconducting quantum dots (electron and hole systems), quantum computing, etc.

Open Positions

We are constantly looking for outstanding, highly motivated, and enthusiastic graduate students and/or postdoctoral fellows.

PhD Candidates need to hold a Master's (or equivalent) degree in theoretical condensed matter physics or similar. Postdoc Candidates should have a PhD in theoretical condensed matter physics or similar.

To apply please submit the following documents online (PhD / Postdoc)
  1. a curriculum vitae
  2. a list of publications
  3. your academic records (Bachelor's, Master's or PhD diploma)
  4. a short statement of your research interests and how they relate to the work of our group
  5. please arrange for 2-3 letters of recommendation