Welcome to the homepage of the Condensed Matter Theory and Quantum Computing Group of the University of Basel

Our group resides in the Department of Physics, Klingelbergstrasse 82, 4056 Basel, Switzerland. See the visitors information page for a detailed description on our location and how to get here. For more information on the department, the university, and the city of Basel, please visit the links section.

Our main research interests are within the field of condensed matter physics. Namely, we are concerned with topics such as electronic transport in mesoscopic devices and nanostructures, magnetic properties of such systems, superconductivity, ultracold atoms, and molecular magnetism. We are interested in the physical properties of systems which are candidates for 'qubits', the basic building blocks of a 'quantum computer'. We study questions related to quantum computing, such as the various mechanisms of relaxation and decoherence, physical and logical implementation of elementary quantum gates, or the creation of entangled states.


Prof. Dr. Daniel Loss
Prof. Dr. Christoph Bruder
Prof. Dr. Jelena Klinovaja
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Research Associates

Dr. Mohammad Alidoust
Dr. Silas Hoffman
Dr. Christoph Klöffel
Dr. Axel U. J. Lode
Dr. Franziska Maier
Dr. Kouki Nakata
Dr. Simon Nigg (ambizione)
Dr. Arijit Saha
Dr. Pawel Szumniak
Dr. Rakesh Tiwari
Dr. Luka Trifunovic
Dr. James Wootton
Dr. Alexander Zyuzin

List of past visitors

Graduate Students

Ehud Amitai
Adrian Hutter
Viktoriia Kornich
Christoph Orth
Constantin Schrade
Tibor Sekera
Marcel Serina

Former Members

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